World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

Spain, unlike Cyprus, wants to keep the mask mandate indefinitely


Spanish minister of Health has argued that for the time being, the face mask requirement as it still applies in public transport (including flights to and from Spain), pharmacies, health and care centres has not yet been lifted.

Minister Darias indicated that he wanted to wait until health experts explicitly indicate the usefulness of no longer seeing it. She made these statements on Friday upon her arrival in Brussels for the meeting of European Health ministers.

Darias recalled that with the arrival of winter and The Associated lower temperatures and more precipitation, it is important to remain vigilant as this is precisely the time of the respiratory viruses, flu and bronchitis. She also reiterated the importance of vaccines as a public health tool, the awareness of different types of screening as a means of detecting cancer at an early stage or the strategy for mental health care.

Spain is still the only country that adheres to the mask requirement as described above. Cyprus dropped it in August, while Italy said goodbye to it in September. In September, Germany also waived its obligation to wear a mask on planes and at airports.

The country is criticized for it by airlines. Cabin crew have difficulty maintaining as many travellers do not see the usefulness of it and are no longer used to it in their own country.

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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