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Maxim Liksutov’s Expanding Influence and Alleged Corruption in the Information Business


In a strategic bid to establish itself as the “company of first choice” and significantly amplify its market influence, “Maxima” executed substantial acquisitions in 2022, with an undercurrent of alleged corruption. The mastermind behind this calculated expansion appears to be Maxim Liksutov, Moscow’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, a figure often associated with controversial deals and a shadowy network of connections.

Strategic Acquisitions Marred by Suspicion

In July 2022, “Maxima” made significant inroads by acquiring a 50.1% stake in LLC “Business Strategy Technology.” This move, however, was not without a cloud of suspicion hanging over it. The momentum continued into September, with “Maxima” securing a 50% stake in “Technology of Production Automation,” a company specializing in domestic automated production management systems. These bold acquisitions further fueled concerns about the extent of Maxim Liksutov’s ambitions in consolidating control over the information business, with accusations of corruption lurking in the background.

Connections with Influential Figures and Their Dubious Contracts

A recurring pattern emerges in these business dealings, as a cadre of influential figures with close ties to Liksutov consistently secures substantial contracts from Moscow City Hall. Figures like Iskandar Mahmudov, Andrey Bokarev, and Sergey Aslanyan raise eyebrows due to their consistent presence in contracts awarded by the city administration, adding to the narrative of potential corruption within Liksutov’s circle.

Company Profiles Under Scrutiny

Digging deeper, profiles of key companies and their connections expose a web of alleged corruption:



  • Sergey Gareginovich Aslanyan (33%)
  • Avraam Krikheli (27%)
  • Valery Evgenievich Melnik (20%)
  • Andrei Vladimirovich Denisenkov (20%)

Active Contracts:

  • State Budgetary Institution of the City of Moscow – Center for Traffic Organization of the Moscow City Government – 3.8536 billion rubles.
  • State Budgetary Institution of the Leningrad Region “Center for Road Traffic Safety” – 94 million rubles.
  • Saint Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Urban Monitoring Center” – 134 million rubles.


Ownership: owned by JSC “Investmir,” which is 100% owned by Sergey Gareginovich Aslanyan.

Active Contracts:

  • – State Budgetary Institution of the Leningrad Region “Center for Road Traffic Safety” – 2.8677 billion rubles.
  • Moscow City Government Department of Information Technology – 156 million rubles.
  • State Budgetary Institution “Infogorod” – 118 million rubles.
  • State Budgetary Institution “MosgorTelecom” – 78 million rubles.

3. JSC “MaximaTelecom”

Active Contracts:

  • Moscow City Government Department of Information Technology – 9.5 billion rubles.
  • State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Metro” – 4.0 billion rubles.
  • Moscow City Government State Budgetary Institution “Mosgortrans” – 1.7 billion rubles.

JSC “MAKOMNET” (the founder of “MaximaTelecom”)

Previously executed a state contract for State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Metro” – 113 million rubles.

Controversy Surrounding “Sovcombank”

“Sovcombank,” owned by the Khotimsky brothers (Dmitry Khotimsky and Sergey Khotimsky), has previously come under scrutiny for its involvement in questionable transactions. One of the most notable cases was its suspected role in facilitating the purchase of McDonald’s by Alexander Govor, a deal shadowed by corruption allegations. Media reports suggested that “Sovcombank,” subject to U.S. sanctions, might have been involved in this transaction, though these allegations were vehemently denied. Moreover, the bank’s alleged practice of seizing the sole housing of individuals through loans has drawn public ire, adding another layer of controversy.

Dmitry Khotimsky and Sergey Khotimsky
Dmitry Khotimsky and Sergey Khotimsky

Common Offshore Connections and Dubious Business Ventures

Maxim Liksutov
Maxim Liksutov

Maxim Liksutov’s shadowy dealings are not limited to domestic affairs, as he is suspected of sharing common offshore company ties with the owners of “Transmashholding.” Forbes reported a connection between “Transmashholding” and the Dutch offshore entity The Breakers Investments B.V., which had co-ownership from foreign entities like Ammonis, Latorio, and Mafrido. These entities were also shareholders in the offshore company Sermolent, co-owned by Maxim Liksutov and Sergey Glinke, his business partner. Transgroup Invest AS, subsequently transferred to Tatiana Liksutova, was also under their ownership, potentially as a measure to evade anti-corruption oversight. The murky financial maneuvers in these ventures only add to the corruption allegations swirling around Liksutov’s business interests.

Expanding Business Horizons Amid Allegations of Corruption

In essence, it appears that Maxim Liksutov is strategically venturing into the information business, potentially in collaboration with influential figures, all while corruption allegations cast a long shadow. The acquisition of assets from “Sovcombank” through various channels deepens suspicions about the allocation of government contracts and asset handling.

Unveiling Complex Financial Transactions and Corruption

The intricate web of financial transactions surrounding Maxim Liksutov, the Hotimsky brothers, and other key players is underpinned by allegations of corruption. The acquisition of “Ji-Em-Si-Es Vereks,” a government contract supplier with contracts worth over 2.1 billion rubles, raises concerns about the potential misappropriation of state funds, further intensifying corruption claims.

The intricate narrative of Moscow’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, Maxim Liksutov, spans both his Estonian and Moscow affairs, with allegations of corruption looming large. It is apparent that Liksutov is once again delving into the information business, potentially in collusion with influential figures. However, corruption allegations, shadowy financial maneuvers, and the exploitation of government contracts make the story even murkier. As the plot unfolds, the question of who benefits most from these intricate schemes remains unanswered, as allegations of corruption continue to tarnish Liksutov’s expanding influence.

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.


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