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Let’s make May 30 an International Potato Day


The potato is a super vegetable and deserves an international stage. Therefore, make May 30 International Potato Day. Five countries have already petitioned the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) to do so.

Potato is a super vegetable

“The potato deserves an international stage. The product is far from being widely adopted as a staple food, while it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than pasta and rice. In addition, potatoes are packed with vitamin C, potassium, fibre and vitamin B6. This makes the potato a true super vegetable.”

Proposal on agenda at FAO

The application to fix the International Day of Potato (‘International Day of Potato’) will be discussed by FAO at its conference on 1-7 July next. In case of a positive decision, fixing the date of 30 May will be submitted to the UN General Assembly.

Peru, Ireland, China, Canada and Belgium. These are the five countries that have asked the FAO to set May 30 as International Day of Potatoes (‘International Day of Potato’). BO Akkerbouw asks the government to support this plea as the Netherlands, potato country par excellence, reports in a press release. As the pre-eminent potato country, the Netherlands cannot be left behind. BO Akkerbouw has therefore sent a letter to Minister Adema of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) asking him to support this request on behalf of the Dutch government ‘with enthusiasm’.

“With our knowledge of potatoes and our iron-strong chain, the Netherlands is a real potato country,” says AndrĂ© Hoogendijk, director BO Akkerbouw. “Dutch soil is extremely suitable for growing potatoes. Breeding, cultivation, trade, processing, logistics and technology: we have everything in-house. Everything why we are a potato country with a global reputation.”


Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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