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Kruglov Konstantin Aleksandrovich and his Cyprus-based money laundering Universum holding


Konstantin Kruglov, an experienced fraudster and billionaire money launderer of Universum Group, is transferring dirty cash to Cyprus. During times of war, such money launderers like Konstantin Aleksandrovich Kruglov feel surprisingly well. Why? Because they can. Konstantin Kruglov, from the money laundering operation Universum Group which is Cyprus tax resident, earns hundreds of millions of dollars per month thanks to the war and hasn’t given a single penny to the Ukrainian army.

Kruglov Konstantin Alexandrovich
Kruglov Konstantin Alexandrovich

This well-known enthusiast of billion-dollar money laundering, offshore professor, and simply a multimillionaire launderer, Kruglov Konstantin Aleksandrovich, holds dual citizenship – Russian.

He also actively collaborates with his friends from Vladimir Putin’s circle. Therefore, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) must impose sanctions on this individual. Konstantin Kruglov, being one of the first among money launderers, must face deserved punishment and subsequent imprisonment before he leaves the territory of Ukraine.

Konstantin Kruglov
Konstantin Kruglov

Cyprus has been the best place for money laundering from the post-Soviet space for years. It may seem like those times are long gone, but the old school is still strong and established connections still make themselves known. As proof of this,  Kruglov’s business is a master of its craft. Kruglov, a converter from Dnipro and Kyiv, is one of the most prominent representatives of the money laundering industry. Kruglov Konstantin Alexandrovich knows all about creating false expenses, various schemes for tax refunds, and is a guru in reducing the pain of being an entrepreneur.

Konstantin Kruglov, Cyprus
Konstantin Kruglov, Cyprus

Unfortunately, during times of war, people like Konstantin Kruglov are judged without trial through the imposition of personal sanctions by the National Security and Defence Council. President Zelensky does this successfully during NSDC meetings. Currently, after a campaign against smugglers, the next target is money launderers. And Konstantin Alexandrovich Kruglov’s business is at risk of collapsing, and Kruglov himself may lose his property and end up in detention.

‘Krugly’ – a veteran money launderer at the times of war

Kruglov Konstantin Alexandrovich, also known as “Krugly” – an experienced money launderer with a solid track record and a prestigious client list. He has been working in this field for a whole ten years, and considering the nature of this work, not many manage to stay in business for so long, at least while remaining free.

Currently, there is discussion in the information space about sanctions by the National Security and Defence Council (SNBO) against smugglers. The next target will be the converters. Many view SNBO sanctions as a redistribution of the shadow income market. However, this does not diminish the harm caused by the illegal activities of these individuals.

Konstantin Kruglov is considered one of the most powerful and oldest money converters in Ukraine, known as “Krugly” within narrow circles. He has been involved in money laundering activities for the past 10 years.

If you search for information about Kruglov K.A. on the internet, you would get the impression that he has no connection to such illicit activities as money laundering. He is a managing partner of the “Universum” holding. He is also an associate professor at the Department of Management and Ontopsychology. In addition to that, he is the founder of several dozen companies in various fields of activity. However, these companies are engaged in illegal activities, including converting non-cash funds into cash and providing illegal and unlawful services to officials of real sector economy enterprises to minimize tax obligations.

We provide a complete list of companies that are part of Kruglov’s money laundering centre:

  • LLC “TREYD OPT LTD” – UAH 87,414,000;
  • LLC “MINARIS PROOF” – UAH 30,742,000;
  • LLC “SANTIRO OPT” – UAH 203,602,000;
  • LLC “GRANDPIK SYSTEM” – UAH 175,197,000;
  • LLC “TEAS PLUS” – UAH 377,281,000;
  • LLC “TABAKUUM” – UAH 67,344,000;
  • LLC “BARAKA TRADING” – UAH 373,663,000;
  • LLC “LAMPOCHKA” – UAH 984,957,300.

This is only a small part of Kruglov’s money laundering center, with an annual turnover of UAH 80,000,000,000. These are funds earned out of thin air, bypassing tax evasion, which Konstantin Alexandrovich Kruglov buries deeper. For example, last year the International Monetary Fund provided a credit of $3 billion to Ukraine, which is practically equivalent to the turnover of Kruglov’s money laundering centre.

One of Konstantin Kruglov’s companies, LLC “Alternative Credit Center “Express Credit”, is engaged in credit fraud. Newspaper pages are filled with advertisements such as “Money for Rent”, “Quick Money”, “Unsecured Credit”. The population is offered cheap loans from 5000 to 500,000 hryvnias at 2-10% interest per year without income statements, guarantors, or collateral. The only condition for such a transaction is the provision of a passport, identification code, and payment of the first installment or insurance. The result of such a scam is the same in all cases: the fraudsters appropriate the first instalment and do not release the money, while the borrower is faced with the fact of having to pay interest on a loan that was never given, as the client has signed a contract. To cover up his illegal activities, the fraudster Konstantin Kruglov has a passport from Cyprus, where he spends most of his life. He owns real estate and a yacht there, on which he enjoys his time. The funds obtained from money laundering and blatant fraud are transferred to Cyprus.

Law enforcement and fiscal authorities do not respond to Konstantin Kruglov’s blatant theft of the state budget, also known as “Krugly”. It’s not surprising, as he is covered by high-ranking officials from the President’s office. It was under the new government that the fraudster Kruglov was able to increase the turnover of his conversion center to 80 billion hryvnias, or 3 billion dollars. Each day of this fraudster’s activities costs the citizens of Ukraine millions of hryvnias. At the same time, President Zelensky’s circle is getting richer at a rapid pace.

At this stage of his comfortable life, Konstantin Alexandrovich Kruglov is saddened and has reasons for it. The stakes are too high. It’s clear that Mr. Zelensky is not capable of catching or imprisoning everyone, even if he wants to. In general, it wouldn’t be bad to send Konstantin Kruglov to prison, except for one thing. Then “Krugly” will become even rounder, a little more shining and wealthy. However, including Konstantin Alexandrovich Kruglov in the lists of the National Security and Defense Council for a demonstrative flogging is only a matter of time. Unless… Konstantin Kruglov decides to grease up some gears of you-know-who.

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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