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KLM’s response to aviation nitrogen advice: let us fly more


More flights to and from Schiphol and the opening of Lelystad Airport are only allowed if the aviation sector emits less nitrogen, is an important advice to the government. Airline KLM turns it around: only if they can continue to grow can they invest in cleaner aviation.

To emit less nitrogen in the Netherlands, aviation should also do its bit. Although flying contributes only modestly to the total nitrogen emissions in our country, according to the Remkes commission it is only reasonable that aviation also contributes to solving the problem.

The cabinet is looking for solutions to get out of the nitrogen crisis on behalf of the government. This arose when the Council of State, the highest court in the country, put an end to the way in which permits for building or doing business in the vicinity of nature reserve were issued.

KLM writes that it is aware “of its responsibility” and continues to take measures to reduce nitrogen emissions. But, the company writes:

This is only possible if Schiphol and Lelystad Airport can develop to give the airlines perspective.

The company reports that aviation will follow the committee’s advice. KLM has already taken measures to limit emissions, such as taxiing with a motor less and the use of electric vehicles at the airport.

The company therefore counts on the government to take a quick decision about the growth plans for Schiphol and the opening of the airport at Lelystad. “Perspective is needed to continue investing in sustainability,” says KLM.

Written by: Grace Kennedy

Grace Kennedy is a leading journalist, columnist of events in Ireland and beyond. 8 years in journalism, since she dropped out of university and ran away from home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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