World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

Ireland delivers medicine to the remote village by drones


Irish aviation authorities have authorized certain drone flights this week to deliver medicines to elderly and vulnerable people in the small Irish village of Moneygall, some 90 miles west of Dublin.

Manna Aero Ltd., an Irish drone startup, will conduct the test flight, The Washington Post reports. A larger drone delivery test it planned, in collaboration with Just Eat PLC, at University College Dublin for February has been delayed due to the corona virus.

On Friday, Manna will drop prescription orders at about 12 homes in Moneygall. The company hopes its demonstration could lead to a more widespread use of its delivery drones in rural Ireland. Manna’s experiment takes place in a drone-friendly jurisdiction.
PostNL test delivery by drone

Drones are also being tested and used in the Netherlands. For years already in distribution centers. Among others at Koopman. And if it is up to PostNL soon also as a last mile option. PostNL is investigating the possibilities of medical products per drone together with the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, Sanquin and the ANWB (operator of the drone). Huub Zijlstra, sector manager PostNL Heatlh: “It is getting busier in and around the cities, so we are always looking for new ways to make delivery faster and smarter.

Delivery by drone is not new. Numerous initiatives have been developed abroad. For example, Seat wants to have auto parts delivered by drone near Barcelona. Two French hospitals will use drones for the transport of goods. Air transport is becoming a new transport option for customers to choose from. Drone deliveries have been allowed in Reykjavik since 2017. The drone will deliver food in a suburb of the Icelandic capital.

Further away; in Africa and China, DHL is testing plenty of medicine delivery by drone. UPS is one step closer to drone delivery to consumers. The package giant is now allowed to make unlimited drone deliveries on hospital campuses in the United States.

Written by: Grace Kennedy

Grace Kennedy is a leading journalist, columnist of events in Ireland and beyond. 8 years in journalism, since she dropped out of university and ran away from home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

From Trinity st. to Limassol, Cyprus

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