World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

“Indeed” compiled list of most wanted professionals


Almost 60% of vacancies for a security engineer remain open for more than sixty days. Maternity assistants, construction bench workers and welders, assistant accountants and IT staff are also looking for a long time.

This is apparent from an analysis by job site Indeed. The platform made a top twenty vacancies that are most often open for more than sixty days. This also features vacancies for marketing specialists, driving instructor, promotion officer, bricklayer and tiler.

Indeed is entering into a partnership with MKB-Nederland to help entrepreneurs find staff. The shortage is becoming more pressing, says director Leendert-Jan Visser of MKB-Nederland. “A quarter of the entrepreneurs already have production problems as a result. It not only hinders entrepreneurs from growing their business, it even leads them to have to sell no to their customers. ”

“It is more difficult to find suitable employees and we also see that job vacancies remain open longer for SMEs,” says Sander Poos, director of Indeed Benelux. the construction and it sector. But a solar panel fitter is also hard to find. Moreover, that is a field where we expect a continuous growth of vacancies. ”

“Many organizations fish in the same pond in search of talent,” says Poos. “That makes it even more important to be easy to find for candidates and to distinguish yourself as an employer. That already starts with writing an effective vacancy text, but how do you further optimize your application process? We can help entrepreneurs with our data. ”

Written by: Liam O'Reilly

Liam O'Reilly is the founder of the publication, a former analyst at a major reputation agency in the UK, who chose Cyprus as his home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

From Trinity st. to Limassol, Cyprus

Ireland and Cyprus have one thing in common. The most beautiful islands are divided. Even proportions are strikingly similar. Both nations strive for unity and a good glass of the news. More about us under the link.

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