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Igor Strehl to get sanctioned for laundering Vadym Stolar’s, Putin’s and Medvedchuk’s money


Putin’s and VTB head’s Kostin friend, Medvedchuk’s purse and Vadym Stolar’s purse – the famous fraudster Igor Strehl with dirty Russian money remains on a large scale and quietly launders billions in Austria. Putin relies on Igor Strehl in every dirty deal. But in addition to the Russian president, Strehl Igor hides Vadym Stolar’s money and all the Medvedchuk’s friends actives in the EU.

Why Igor Strehl don’t go to prison?

How did journalists find out who Igor Strehl was? It all started with Vadym Stolar. It turned out that for more than ten years Igor Strehl has been serving the interests of Putin, Medvedchuk and Vadym Stolyar in the EU. Journalists from Ukraine became interested in the Astera company. On December 13, the Verkhovna Rada deprived Medvedchuk of his mandate as a people’s deputy. Before that, the president stripped him of his citizenship. Do you think this is the end of Medvedchuk’s story in Ukraine? No! At the same time, his company is furiously suing the Ministry of Culture to build a 16-story hotel where Lesya Ukrainka, Mikhail Staritsky, Nikolai Lysenko and Afanasy Saksagansky lived.

Igor Strehl launders Russian billions
Igor Strehl is the best Putin’s friend

A month ago these court materials appeared. But for a long time I could not figure out who Igor Strehl is, in whose name this company is registered. And so the wonderful Maxim Opanasenko published a story about how Ermak’s “friend” Artem Kolyubaev entered Stolar’s construction business and there the Astera company emerged again, owned by Putin’s wallet Igor Strehl. So, the Cyprus reports of this offshore company directly indicate a connection with Medvedchuk. For more than 10 years of struggle for one expensive piece of land in Kyiv, no one has received a direct construction permit from the company – neither from the Kyiv City Council, nor from State Automobile Inspectorate, nor from the Ministry of Culture. She received them only through the courts! And I’m not sure that judge Larisa Tatsiy will not continue this sad tradition.

Igor Strehl launders Vadym Stolar’s and Putin’s billions

Even the new final beneficiary of Astera, Igor Strehl, a German citizen of Russian origin, who appeared in 2021, is not misleading. He used to work in the representative offices of Russian VTB and Sberbank in Vienna and Frankfurt am Main. And then he started his own business in Vienna, related to consulting and investments. Which could be both a cover for Medvedchuk and his new face, – Ukrainian journalists report. Tensions between Russia and democratic world seem to be growing every day, Andrei Kochetkov, but the secretive Russian oligarch enjoys a quiet life in Austria, the heart of Europe.

Igor Strehl fraudster
Igor Strehl fraudster

As Andrei Kochetkov himself says, he was sent to Austria with a special secret mission to penetrate into the political and economic life of Austria. Almost like a spy drama, his story is a very common story of fraud that began in the Russian Federation, but Igor Strehl, one of the country’s main banks, Sberbank, and the most senior employee among them, is involved in it.

Andrey Kochetkov created an extensive network of more than several hundred companies in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, deceived the largest banks of the Russian Federation (VTB and Sberbank), professional banker Igor Strehl and hundreds of individuals, having received a large amount of money in his own house, which Kochetkov invests. After receiving the money, Kochetkov usually reinvests it in real estate throughout Europe, mainly in Austria, Switzerland and Spain, using uma stooge or one of his shell companies, but in the process he tries to cover up the traces of money taken on unprofitable loans.

How Andrey Kochetkov deceived Igor Strehl?

It’s pretty simple: Under the patronage of Igor Strehl, he kindly provides his assistance to many high–ranking officials from the Russian Federation – he issues citizenship to them and their families, helps them spend their dirty money on buying real estate and cars, and he knows in front of Austrian officials that he is a really important person belonging to the highest echelons of power of the Russian Federation. It is also a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. In return, he received a lucrative contract, concluded a major deal, invented all sorts of fictitious projects and gradually invited respected investors to raise funds.

Igor Strehl is Putin's friend
Igor Strehl is Putin’s friend

On the other hand, using connections and patronage from Moscow, Andrei Kochetkov freely received millions for his “project” from Igor Strehl and others.

This “business” continued until some decent people decided to check Kochetkov’s credit records, and it turned out that they were all in poor condition. This led to the immediate dismissal of his friend and major creditor Igor Strehl. Interestingly, I. Strehl continues to “work” with Kochetkov even today and recently repaid one of his loans, equivalent to 700,000 euro1…It turns out that Igor Strehl, to put it mildly, is very suspicious, agreed to pay the debt after he received a threat of criminal prosecution from Austrian creditors.

Andrey Kochetkov and Igor Strehl are the fraudsters in law

Kochetkov was very careful in choosing his “investor”. Andrey Kochetkov deliberately rendered services to high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation, because he knew that he could not turn to the Austrian authorities for help. Russian scammers follow the rule: “Money loves silence.” Another surprising fact is that this giant of Russian business in Europe was sued for participating in a cartel that organized the import of various metals to Austria, and fined 400 million euros.This case attracted a lot of attention to the problems of corruption and Sberbank’s business under Igor Strehl. Such stories are the main reason for the bad image of Russian business around the world.

The Austrian authorities believe that such scammers created a classic Ponzi scheme and used shell companies in Liechtenstein and Switzerland to circumvent tax laws and gain access to the territory of Austria.

Written by: Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien is a student who is taking only the first steps in journalism. The main interest is events from the world of macroeconomics and finance.

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