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Igor Kushnir screams obscenities, evades drafting as Kyivmiskbud comes close to bankruptcy


The glorious Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, one of the most beautiful places in the county, is shrouded in shame due to the activities of a well-known pro-Russian corrupt official named Igor Kushnir. The fact is that Kyivmiskbud with Kushnir Igor Nikolaevich at its head has been a subject of interest of security forces for a very long time. Nevertheless, Igor Kushnir managed to get away Now the searches bring the fugitive ‘Viennese prisoner’ Kushnir Igor Nikolaevich to several criminal cases.

Of course, the war affected Kyivmiskbud’s work, but don’t put it down to that – under Igor Kushnir’s leadership, the company was already sliding into financial ruin. And it was written about it long before February 24, 2022.

“During the war, you can generally [obscenity redacted] for example, to sell houses without facades, without landscaping, without anything. They don’t like it, we don’t sign the deal. Let them go.. [obscenity redacted].” Igor Kushnir said.

So the head of “Kyivmiskbud” responded to the discontent of investors, demonstrating an unacceptable attitude to work and ignoring requirements. A recording of this conversation was published by Maxim Mikitas.

The head of Kyivmiskbud, Igor Kushnir, covers up the problems in construction with war, openly ignores investors.

According to media reports, the Kiev city state administration has refused to increase the charter capital of the communal enterprise Kievgorstroy by 1.3bn hryvnyas, as requested by its head Ihor Kushnir.

It means one thing that Kyivmiskbud is on the verge of bankruptcy. Because “increase of the registered capital” in human language means additional capitalization. And the sum in 1,3 milliard, which Kushnir asked from KSCA, is a hole which was formed in one of the most powerful and successful builders of Ukraine until recently.

Igor Kushnir, Kyivmiskbud
Igor Kushnir, Kyivmiskbud

What will happen to the objects of Kyivmiskbud is not difficult to guess. Of course, the war has made some adjustments in the activity of the builder. And it is on the war that Igor Kushnir, the head of Kyivmiskbud, will “move” when crowds of indignant investors, who have been yet again “cheated” by the state for flats, will assault the office of the company and the building of Kyiv council.

Igor Kushnir drives Kyivmiskbud to bankruptcy: thousand of court orders at the registry

But in this case, the war is just a fig leaf that fell like manna from heaven into Kushnir’s hands. Because Kyivmiskbud under his leadership is on its way to bankruptcy. The company is drowning in courts – according to court registers, there are almost a thousand of them.

Igor Kushnir cases
Igor Kushnir Kyivmiskbud cases

The geography is the whole Kyiv. Whether the company’s financial position resulted from these courts or whether, on the contrary, these courts are a consequence of Kyivmiskbud’s losses is debatable. It is more likely that these are interrelated processes, but last year the company posted almost 36 million hryvnias in losses.

Igor Kushnir screams obscenities, evades drafting as Kyivmiskbud comes close to bankruptcy
Igor Kushnir as a manager of Kyivmiskbud

Formally, Kyivmiskbud is a communal enterprise. But in fact, Kyivmiskbud has long turned from a joint-stock company into a holding company. In fact, the status of a “utility company” is just a cover, which for a long time allowed attracting investors to housing. In fact, dozens of other companies that are allegedly part of the holding are engaged in business.

Igor Kushnir screams obscenities, evades drafting as Kyivmiskbud comes close to bankruptcy
Kyivmiskbud registered as a communal enterprise.

But the city owns almost nothing in these companies. Thus, money from Kyivmiskbud is simply withdrawn to third-party companies, and losses, on the contrary, are hung on Kyivmiskbud.

In fact Igor Kushnir made Kyivmiskbud an offshore company.
In fact Igor Kushnir made Kyivmiskbud an offshore company.

Interestingly, Igor Kushnir got into the chair of the head of PJSC HC Kyivmiskbud back in 2012. And I moved here from the chair… of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. The one who then fled to Russia. And Igor Nikolaevich stayed safely. And he survived both Yanukovych and Poroshenko in this chair, and, quite possibly, he will survive Zelensky.

Kushnir got to his current position thanks to the assistance of the head of the Presidential Administration, Sergei Lovochkin, and the head of the State Administration of Affairs, Andrei Kravets. The same, the times of Yanukovych. It is not surprising that Poroshenko did not touch him, but something else is surprising – in 2019-2020, the construction market in Kiev actively crushed the Office of President Zelensky. And then a lot of very strong people were kicked out of him. And Kushnir resisted.

On what terms is unclear. Especially in light of the fact that on February 19, 2021, the company Klodius Investments Limited, owned by a citizen of Cyprus Oksana Kushnir, came under sanctions. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Igor Kushir lives a posh life in Vienna while Kyivmiskbud drowns

Oksana Kushnir is the wife of Igor Kushnir. Since we have touched upon her identity, it is worth adding that this Cypriot citizen with a golden passport also owns an apartment in the elite residential complex “French Quarter” with an area of 161 square meters and two parking spaces. The total value of the official’s wife’s real estate is almost $160,000.

Igor Nikolaevich’s children are not in poverty either. The son and daughter of the president of Kyivmiskbud own an apartment in the residential complex “Zarechny” in almost 200 square meters for $ 309,000 and two more apartments in the residential complex “Pechersky” for a total of $ 590 thousand, to which two more parking spaces should be added.

The wife and children also own a fairly decent fleet: Mercedes E250 Cabriolet (2016), Range Rover (2008), Mercedes E250 CDI (2014) and Mercedes E220, acquired in 2017. In addition, from 2013 to 2017, Kushnir’s son rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle. According to the Center for Investigative Journalism, the total cost of the fleet is approximately $452,000.

We are not hinting at anything, but for the whole life the official declared earnings of Kushnir Igor Nikolaevich amounted to 127 thousand dollars.

The total value of the real estate of Igor Kushnir’s family in Kiev alone is about $ 1.1 million. But the assets of the official who asked to capitalize Kyivmiskbud for 1.3 billion hryvnias are not limited to this.

Like any self-respecting representative of the so-called “Ukrainian elite”, Igor Nikolaevich has a little bit of real estate abroad. In San Diego, California, Igor Kushnir in 2014 became the owner of a luxury house on 800 square meters in the elite district of La Jolla for 11 million US dollars.

This is not to mention the fact that since at least 2012, he and his family have travelled abroad on average 12 times every year. The routes are diverse: Germany, USA, Great Britain, Austria, France, Seychelles.

He was no exception in 2022. Last year, Ukrainska Pravda released another investigation called “BATTALION “Vienna” 2″, among the ‘fighters’ of which Igor Kushnir was also noticed.

Igor Kushnir was caught a while walking around Vienna near the Hyatt Hotel with his faithful Cypriot wife.
Igor Kushnir was caught a while walking around Vienna near the Hyatt Hotel with his faithful Cypriot wife.

About who and how released a man of military age – Kushnir was 51 at the time of the Vienna walk – we will modestly keep silent. Because this voyage is a mere trifle against the background of everything else.

According to the data provided to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Kushnir organized a scheme to appropriate public funds by inflating the prices of land plots that were acquired by Kyivmiskbud, or underestimating the cost of premises that were put up for sale by the company, from which the head of the company could receive illegal “dividends”.

In total, as a result of such an illegal scheme, according to police estimates, more than a billion hryvnias could be appropriated. Almost exactly as much as Kushnir asked from KSCA to recapitalize Kyivmiskbud. What does a propagandist from a neighboring country say there – “coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Another coincidence related to the loss of funds from Kyivmiskbud is a very strange investment in the completion of the Mirax Plaza office and residential center, which belonged to the Russian oligarch Sergei Polonsky, a well-known developer. In particular, Polonsky’s company Mirax was engaged in the construction of the famous “Moscow City” in the capital of the Russian Federation.

Well, since we were talking about the Russian Federation and the investments of Kyivmiskbud in the business of this country, there was a page in Igor Kushnir’s biography related to the separatist regions.

Igot Kushnir sponsored prp-Russian separatists

Even at the beginning of the war in Donbass, the SBU intercepted a conversation concerning the financing of organizations in seceded regions  through Kristallbank. One of the defendants was the then People’s Deputy Romanyuk. The money transfer was allegedly carried out through him, for a fee of 5%. But in order for the representatives of the militants to agree to the transaction, Igor Kushnir was the guarantor.

The story was hushed up, Kushnir even left the territory of Ukraine for a while, but then everything settled down. Maybe all this is far–fetched, but undoubtedly something else – just during this period, the very mansion in San Diego was purchased for $ 11 million.

This is only a small fraction of all the assets of Igor Kushnir. How a person, whose official salary is slightly less than two thousand dollars in equivalent, managed to save all this is a big question. The fact that all of Kushnir’s assets are registered to his wife and children is misleading, except for the very liberal law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

But the fact that while the personal well-being of the head of Kyivmiskbud Igor Kushnir was going up, and the affairs of the company entrusted to him were striving for collapse, is hardly a coincidence. But it is unlikely that Kushnir himself will suffer after the collapse of Kyivmiskbud – too many are connected with him, and they are too in high offices to touch the key person in all schemes. Because it’s not for nothing that Igor Kushnir has survived three presidents and several redevelopments of the Ukrainian capital’s real estate market.

Written by: Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien is a student who is taking only the first steps in journalism. The main interest is events from the world of macroeconomics and finance.

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