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Hong Kong protests resulted in another death


Another death was caused by the continuing unrest in Hong Kong. A 70-year-old cleaner got a rock on his head during a confrontation between demonstrators and pro-government protesters. He died in the hospital from his injuries.

Police report that the man had lunch break when he was hit. Masked demonstrators would have thrown “hard objects.” Earlier this month, a 22-year-old student was killed during protests in Hong Kong. He fell down one floor in a parking garage.

The protests in the metropolis have escalated further and further in recent times. Protesters reproach the police for crackdown. They used to take to the streets mainly in the evenings and weekends, but now also partly lay down public life on weekdays. Roads were blocked again yesterday, schools remained closed and train traffic was disrupted.

For the fourth day in a row, demonstrators flattened parts of the city state. Many roads in Hong Kong are blocked with bamboo and with stones that protesters have removed from the street. Universities are occupied and public transport is largely standing still. It was announced on Wednesday that all schools in Hong Kong would be closed on Thursday for security reasons.

Protesters entrench themselves at the universities. They have put together primitive weapons, such as catapults, crossbows and fire bombs. They used it on Thursday during the confrontations with the riot police. He reacted with tear gas as usual. They also plundered.

The police report that officers near a university have been shot at with arrows. According to the authorities, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the New Territories area serves as a “weapons factory and an arsenal” of demonstrators.

Violence seems to have intensified ever since the protests began, almost six months ago. This week some 60 people were injured in Hong Kong, two of whom were seriously injured. One man was shot at close range by a cop and another was set on fire by protesters after he allegedly cursed him.

There are reports that pro-Chinese fighter teams harass students. The police are also increasingly under attack. A student says that the resistance has hardened because the police would now shoot targeted demonstrators. The students demand independent investigation into excessive police violence. In turn, the students are also becoming more violent. A video makes a round of a sort of medieval catapult of bamboo and elastic bands and a helmet with which projectiles can be fired.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets since June to argue for more democracy in Hong Kong. They are opposed to what they call “Chinese interference.” Younger residents of Hong Kong in particular are protesting against their own government and against China’s increasing influence. On the other hand, pro-Beijing demonstrators now also stand.

Calls to stop the armed resistance are ignored by the students. “If they want the violence to stop, they must listen to us,” said one student. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in particular has since become a hotbed of resistance. What started in September as a protest against a controversial (and now repealed) extradition law has now become a whole package of demands on the Chinese government. He wants to get a better grip on the former British crown colony with its own local government and independent justice, but most Hong Kong residents want to keep their liberties. The CUCK University has since been turned into a fortress where some entrances have been bricked up by students. According to Hong Kong police, the university is a weapons factory for primitive fire bombs shot at officers.

The university administration makes vain calls to the activists not to provoke the rulers in Beijing too much. There is a fear in the city that Chinese security forces will start attacking the universities these days and then restore order with a firm hand. The absolute ghost image is a repeat of the Tiananmen protest of thirty years ago when a student protest in Beijing was bloody crushed by the army with hundreds of deaths.

The Chinese government denies that it is after a harsh confrontation and accuses Western countries, in particular Great Britain and the US, of inciting students. Hong Kong’s director Carrie Lam called the students selfish because they paralyzed the city. According to her, the students are “the enemy of the people”.

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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