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Building permit issued for two new rollercoasters in Ireland


There is a sigh of relief through Tayto Park theme park in Ireland. The amusement park has finally received permission to build two steel roller coasters. Last year it turned out that the building permit could not be granted. Complaining local residents were proven right then.

The construction of the attractions can now continue. More than 1.5 million euros have been invested to reduce noise pollution. “The rollercoasters have been redesigned,” the park said in a press release. “Designers have adapted the runways to ensure that the noise is diverted from nearby homes.”

It concerns two roller coasters from the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma: a suspended thrill coaster and a family boomerang coaster. It involves an investment of 15 million euros. Construction work is to begin in 2021 so that the opening can take place in 2023.

“Today is a wonderful day for Tayto Park,” owner Raymond Coyle said. “This is the largest investment in our history. It will ensure the park’s survival.”

ayto Park is not the first amusement park to combine both rollercoaster types. This summer, the German amusement park Tripsdrill presents the same concept, with the suspended thrill coaster Hals-├╝ber-Kopf and a family boomerang coaster Volldampf.

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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