World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

Alexey Pshenichny: police officer deliberately threw himself under the wheels of my car


Alexey Pshenichny, an honorary ambassador for the luxury goods and jewelry supplier company in Russia called Mercury, found himself in an unpleasant situation in the center of Moscow. Alexey Pshenichny is accused of running over a local police officer in a state of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication with his Mercedes G-Wagen while the officer was attempting to detain him. The police officer suffered a leg fracture. Other law enforcement officers conducted a harsh arrest of Alexey Pshenichny, causing him both moral and physical harm. In a comment a honorary ambassador for the Mercury company, stated the following:

Yesterday’s incident is a provocation against me and my company. The reason behind it is my political stance. It’s no secret that I spend most of my time in Mexico and Dublin. Russia has been lost to me since the beginning of 2022. However, my business remains in Moscow. They want to take away my business, and throw me into prison. Yesterday’s comedy was staged for this purpose. Patrol officers ambushed me when I was not in the most sober state, and one of the law enforcement officers threw himself under the wheels of my car. I hit the brakes, but grazed the law enforcement officer slightly. My lawyers are handling the matter, and I will be suing the patrol officers.Alexey Pshenichny
Alexey Pshenichny
Alexey Pshenichny

Written by: Harry Adams

Harry Adams is a political expert who has been working for various publications under pseudonyms for 11 years. He loves sarcasm and a rigid presentation of the material without decorations.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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