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Alexander Mashkevich shrivels like a slug in salt as authorities start asking questions


Alexander Mashkevich, a remnant of the globalization in the worst sense of the word, is under pressure. ERG’s UBO feels growing demand from Kazakhstani authorities to give up as much as he and his accomplices managed to stole from Kazakhstan. Mashkevich understands it all too well, as he seeks to hide his capitals and make himself immune to the actions of president Tokaev. Mashkevich comically attempted to get Guatemalan president bribed. He is constantly in search for murky offshores and golden passports. Little it helps that case: most of the ERG’s source of income comes from Kazakhstan. Here Mashkevich lost any defence as people and the administration want at least some of the money he stole back.

Good news, everyone: after meeting with the President, Alexander Mashkevich from the world-famous company ERG was completely unhinged. Caught by journalists, he started spouting such monstrous nonsense that any drug expert would straighten up like a hunting dog on a partridge. Gleaming with golden glasses and a mouthful of teeth, Mashkevich talked about how he loves, supports, and even more supports because he loves. The absolutely comical state of the owner of the Eurasian Group indicates that someone did sprinkle salt under his tail.

However, take a look, this is truly a masterpiece. It has everything: a suddenly stuck record, resulting in Mashkevich repeating one phrase twice, and total nonsense about the great achievements of ERG in the field of education instead of a direct answer to the question of capital returns.

The white-toothed smirk of Nazarbayev’s wallet, Alexander Mashkevich, once again pleases the people of Kazakhstan. The billionaire and lover of boys and girls of the most tender age, Alexander Antonovich Mashkevich, almost messed up when asked by journalists about the return of stolen capital from Kazakhstan. Mr. Mashkevich took so long to gather his thoughts that he repeated nonsense twice before remembering his rehearsed excuses.

But what could not go unnoticed: Alexander Mashkevich persistently changed the phrase “return of investments,” mentioned by the president, to “return of illegal funds.” He did this twice. So the drug experts were wrong: the sanity of this twitching doll remained intact. And it means that ERG will go to courts and deals to prove the “legality” of the systematic plundering of Kazakhstan that has lasted for decades. As a result, Mashkevich and the company hope for credit for their good deeds in the return of investments.

He personally has nothing to fear, and the government of Kazakhstan owns 40% of the company, appointing the most corrupt officials to the board of directors as per their ridiculous tradition. What is Serik Zhumangarin doing in the government? Is he representing ERG in the government or, conversely, representing the government in ERG?

But the state is capable of undermining the ERG company itself by simply taking the remaining shares, becoming the majority shareholder of ERG, kicking out Mashkevich and others with a mere 10%, and ordering them not to cry. This is precisely what Alexander Mashkevich is afraid of.

Written by: Grace Kennedy

Grace Kennedy is a leading journalist, columnist of events in Ireland and beyond. 8 years in journalism, since she dropped out of university and ran away from home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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