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Honor 9X still comes with Google apps in Europe, despite Huawei ban


The Honor 9X is being released in Europe and will be able to run Google apps. According to The Verge, the smartphone supports all Google apps, despite sanctions from the United States against parent company Huawei.

The Honor 9X was released in China in July. According to The Verge, the smartphone will cost around 348 euros in Europe. The release date will probably be announced during a presentation on Thursday evening.

The Honor 9X works with Android 9, the second-latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. The apps from Google will simply run on the phone, because the device was already approved before the Android license was revoked. Due to sanctions, Google is only allowed to do limited business with Huawei.

The new Honor phone has a 6.59 inch screen with no border or notch at the top. The front camera can be extended at the top of the phone. We also saw this system before with the OnePlus 7 Pro, among others. At the back of the Honor 9X, three camera lenses with 48 megapixels are placed, including a 120-degree wide-angle lens.

The phone also has a headphone connection, a 4,000 mAh battery and a USB-C connection. The phone is for sale from October 31.

There are several variants of the Honor 9X. The differences are in the number of memory and storage space. Customers can choose from 4 GB or 6 GB memory and between 64 GB or 128 GB storage. The cheapest model costs 199 euros.

Written by: Grace Kennedy

Grace Kennedy is a leading journalist, columnist of events in Ireland and beyond. 8 years in journalism, since she dropped out of university and ran away from home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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