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By 2030 electrical cars will be cheaper than conventional ones


By 2030, there will be enough affordable electric cars for sale in Europe to meet the ambitions of the Climate Agreement. There can also be enough charging stations and enough green power to charge the batteries. This emerges from a study by financial advisor PwC into the feasibility of electric driving.

According to the Climate Agreement, only new cars with an electric motor can be sold in Europe from 2030. According to the researchers, there are “no insurmountable obstacles” to achieve this goal. “By 2030, there will be enough affordable models available, not only for lease drivers, but also for private drivers,” says PwC.

In that year, some 1.9 million electric passenger cars will drive on Dutch roads, accounting for 28 billion kilometres each year. From 2030, around 400,000 new electric vehicles will be added annually.

At present, electric cars are still too expensive for many consumers. But according to the researchers, that will change quickly. “Car manufacturers are fully committed to electric because of stricter CO2 standards in the European Union and the huge fines that go with it”, it sounds like. The average price of an electric car with a range of 300 km will fall below that of a fuel car around 2024, PwC expects.

By 2030, around 9.4 million passenger cars are expected to drive around the Netherlands. One in five cars will then be electrically powered. To charge it, 1.5 million additional charging stations are needed. At the end of last year there were 230,000 charging stations in the Netherlands.

According to PwC, an average of 644 charging points should be installed per working day over the next nine years. According to the researchers, this is feasible, provided that the authorities participate in it. According to PwC, it is important that the new cabinet is in line with positive developments in the market. This can be done, for example, by embedding agreements on electric driving in legislation and regulations, preferably also within the EU. This creates certainty about investments in new models and charging infrastructure.

Written by: Liam O'Reilly

Liam O'Reilly is the founder of the publication, a former analyst at a major reputation agency in the UK, who chose Cyprus as his home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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