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Sanders can seize power with swabbing Democrats


A second political revolution in the US? After the rise of Donald Trump on the right, the Democratic party is now also on the left in the grip of an outsider who throws political habits overboard. Bernie Sanders is gaining ground.

Bernie Sanders is firmly in the lead among the Democrats in the battle for candidacy in the November presidential election. He won another presidential election to the Democrats last weekend, now in Nevada. There, Sanders showed that he is attractive to a wide group of Americans. He won with great force majeure thanks to the support of young people and Latinos, but also managed to attract a large group of older and black voters. They all fall for his promise to drastically reform the country, to tackle colossal inequality between rich and poor and to finally make health care accessible to all Americans.

The primaries are still long – a winner can wait until the summer. But while more moderate candidates argue among themselves about who is most suited to a dirty political fight against Donald Trump, it seems that Bernie Sanders can seize power in the swabbing Democratic party. He won the most votes in all three early primaries. Pete Buttigieg, who was still close to him in Iowa and New Hampshire, did not reach much in Nevada, a state where many more minority groups live.

“In Nevada we have just put together a coalition of different generations and races that will not only win in Nevada, but will also conquer this country,” Sanders promised after his win. “They think they’re going to win these elections by dividing us based on skin color or origin or religion or sexual orientation,” he said of President Trump and his supporters. “We are going to win because we do the exact opposite, we bring people together.”

But the party top is not at ease. Sanders has to endure more political attacks. Buttigieg warned that with Sanders at the head, the party can sometimes lose the majority in the House of Representatives. “Senator Sanders believes in a rigid ideological revolution that ignores most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.”

Former vice president Joe Biden, who breathed new life into his campaign in second place in Nevada, referred among other things to the fact that Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist” and has been partyless for decades as a senator.

I am not a socialist, not a plutocrat. I am a Democrat and I am proud of it.

The main criticism: that it is unfeasible and undesirable to nationalize health insurers, as Sanders wants. But many Democratic voters feel like a left-wing move. In Nevada, for example, a majority was in favor of plans to start a state-run health insurance fund.

A cautious middle candidate, they tried that with Hillary Clinton four years ago, and that led to painful loss. The only way to beat Trump is the idea is with bold proposals that also inspire people who feel forgotten by politics. History teaches that it can work. It was also said about Donald Trump four years ago that he could never win as a populist outsider.

For the time being Sanders makes little effort to get behind the moderate, traditional part of the party. In a tweet on the election day in Nevada, he attacked the established order in his own party in addition to Republicans. ”

I have news for them: they can’t stop us,” he wrote.

Two people think they can take advantage of the chaotic struggle among Democrats: Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. According to American intelligence services, Russia is trying to get involved again in the American elections, and the Russians, just like in 2016, prefer troublemakers Trump and Sanders. Trump, in turn, thinks he can easily win from a man he can put away as a far too extreme “socialist.” He likes to stir up the mutual conflicts among Democrats via his Twitter account. “Congratulations Bernie, and don’t let them take it away from you!”

Written by: Liam O'Reilly

Liam O'Reilly is the founder of the publication, a former analyst at a major reputation agency in the UK, who chose Cyprus as his home.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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