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Flybe has not ‘received any special treatment’


The financially troubled aviation company Flybe does not receive any special treatment from the British government. The company contradicts such claims from the sector in British media. Industry counterparts such as British Airways mother IAG and price fighter Ryanair expressed earlier objections to the rescue plan, which they labeled as illegal state aid and misuse of public funds.

According to Flybe, a payment agreement has been concluded with government organization HM Revenue & Customs and a loan is being discussed. The current agreement on the deferment of tax liabilities is valid for a few months and according to Flybe can be used by any company in financial difficulties. The company emphasized that it is not a rescue campaign.

Flybe boss Mark Anderson pointed out that the British government is really not lending money to a company that has no right to exist and no credible plan. The airline usually flies from smaller British cities and was therefore seen as essential by the British government.

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World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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