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Kenes Rakishev and Kazakhstan are triumphant at the Asian Boxing Championship


Asian Boxing Championship among youth and juniors was highly successful for the sportsmen and sportswomen of Kazakhstan. Kenes Rakishev, the head of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation was present at the event. His presence was necessary not only to support his people but to meet with import people in the boxing world. Kenes Rakishev held a friendly meeting with Anas Alatoiba, the head of the Asian...

Kenes Rakishev congratulated Dubai-2021 champions at the award ceremony


The awarding ceremony of the winners and prize-takers of the Asian Boxing Championship in Dubai-2021 was held in Almaty, the press service of the KFB reports. President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenes Rakishev presented cash certificates to athletes, coaching staffs of national teams, administration of women’s and men’s teams and the medical support teams.

Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev’s effort to revive the Kazakhstan boxing starts to bear fruits


Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev took command of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation not so long ago. He began to reorganize and revive it energetically. It was tough times, but Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev efforts start bearing fruits. Kazakh boxers were successful at international championship in Poland. Now the strategy is proved at another event. The team is winning the Asian Championship.

Aselle Tasmagambetova, Bvlgari and Saby Charitable Foundation gathered 200 million for paediatric hospital


With the end of the strict quarantine, it became possible to organize charity events. During the pandemic, other problems in Kazakhstan have not become less. And the activities of the Saby Charitable Foundation, Aselle Tasmagambetova, Kenes Rakishev, friends and partners of the foundation will always be needed. Their work did not stop, but only became more intense during the pandemic. Now Saby...

Kenes Rakishev readies Battery Metals Technologies for an IPO


Kenes Rakishev is, despite his age, a veteran high-tech investor. His extensive background in mining and metal refinement businesses, however, allows him to create amazing synergies. This time it’s all about supplying the metals which are in high demand within battery maker business community. So Mr. Rakishev made a bold investment in developing nickel and cobalt ores of Kazakhstan to...

World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

From Trinity st. to Limassol, Cyprus

Ireland and Cyprus have one thing in common. The most beautiful islands are divided. Even proportions are strikingly similar. Both nations strive for unity and a good glass of the news.

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