World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus


New Boeing is named after Larnaca


Just in time for the start of the summer season, Cyprus gets a new flying ambassador. Larnaca, the most important region of Cyprus for TUI holidaymakers from all over the world, is the eponym for the new Boeing 737-8 from TUI fly. In Cyprus, the plane with the flight number X3 4564 was greeted today (10.04.2022) by the airport fire brigade with water fountains and then christened by the...

Dmitry Aga, the Russian coal king, and inconsistencies in the case of Bosov’s suicide


Dmitry Aga is a Russian shadow oligarch close to Putin or at least close to those who are really close to the Russian president. According to the information received, it was Dmitry Aga who benefited from the mysterious death of his former boss, Dmitry Bosov. Dmitry Aga, managing the Sibantracite company, intended to lead a large holding company to a hostile takeover by oligarchs, in particular...

Abramov Viktor and the breakthrough of Russian raiders in Florida


One rather insignificant case of corporate lawsuit shows that Russians are trying to implement the schemes that are characteristic to their homeland crime. Abramov Viktor from Florida state, USA, is suing his business partner in an obvious attempt to grab control over the car rental company in Miami-Dade county. But the case in not so clear as it appears at the first sight.

World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

From Trinity st. to Limassol, Cyprus

Ireland and Cyprus have one thing in common. The most beautiful islands are divided. Even proportions are strikingly similar. Both nations strive for unity and a good glass of the news.

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