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Boeing is considering halting the troubled 737 Max manufacture


Aircraft maker Boeing is considering temporarily stopping the production of the 737 MAX aircraft in question. It is still unclear when the aircraft will be allowed back into the air by aviation authorities. According to various reports, this will only be after January next year. In addition to a production stop, there is reported to be a reduction in manufacturing.

More and cheaper drugs on the market


Fighting drug trafficking is inadequate, according to figures from the EU’s annual drug report: in Europe, more and more places are getting better and more available. At the same time, increasing competition between criminal organizations brings more corruption and violence.

IS Terror group no longer active on the internet


European institutions and countries have jointly carried out a cyber attack on Sunni extremism and especially the Islamic State (IS) terror movement. Under the leadership of the Belgian authorities, the movement of Sunni jihadists on the internet has been a major blow. Similarly, the Amaq medium, which mainly served as the IS’s mouthpiece, is virtually eliminated.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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