World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland


European Parliament deals with unemployment benefits


The package of measures to better coordinate social security systems in the EU will be discussed by the European Parliament this week. The file, of which the expansion of unemployment benefits in the Netherlands is controversial, is being debated on Wednesday morning. The parliament will vote on it on Thursday.

Brexit Conservatives deal another blow to T. May


A group of Conservatives in the British Parliament who want a break with the EU are not going to vote for Prime Minister May’s Brexit deal. One of the leaders of the fierce ‘brexiteers’, Jacob Rees-Mogg, complained that nothing has changed and that the British still cannot get out of the ‘backstop’ without the consent of Brussels.

Is the case of Is Alassa M. a sign that Dublin Accords are Failing?


The return of the rejected asylum seeker Alassa M. to Germany has reignited the political debate on a reform of the Dublin Regulation and the National Police Laws. The Baden-W├╝rttemberg Minister of the Interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) spoke in favor of making it more difficult for refugees who come back to Germany despite a re-entry ban to apply for a new asylum procedure in the future.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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