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Three ways Spain was torn apart by the elections


A large Spanish home improvement store sells a doormat with the text “Bienvenido a la rep├║blica independiente de mi casa”. Welcome to the independent republic of my house. It is a phrase that gives a perfect insight into the Spanish soul – especially after Sunday’s elections.

Good conversation about trade between China and US


The United States and China have come closer together in the consultation on the first phase of a trade agreement. That was reported by US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and finance minister Steven Mnuchin in a statement following a telephone conversation Friday with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He.

German professor nominated to ECB


The German professor of financial economics Isabel Schnabel has been nominated by the German cabinet as a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB). According to Reuters news agency, which is based on government sources, the economics professor at the University of Bonn succeeds Sabine Lautenschl├Ąger at the central bank in Frankfurt.

EU wants to give Britons a three-month delay


The European Union (EU) is ready to grant Brexit deferment to Great Britain until February 2020 if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fails to lead a Brexit agreement through the British Parliament before 31 October. That writes the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

How Brexit turned to a forbidden B-word


Super Saturday – the day of the “historic vote” about the deal that Boris Johnson brought from Brussels – ended with yet another showdown with parliament. On Monday or Tuesday, the British Prime Minister wants to resit and still hopes to get his way.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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