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Turkey presents its own electric dream car


Turkey has unveiled a number of electric cars made entirely in the country itself. President Erdogan called that a sixty-year-old dream that almost became reality. “When we see this car on the road worldwide, we have achieved our goal,” he said during a ceremony.

The cars were developed by the Turkish consortium TOGG. For the time being it concerns an SUV and a sports model, but there are more options. According to TOGG, the models can run a maximum of 500 kilometers on a battery charge.

In Turkey, many cars are already made from well-known European brands. The project to make their own car is a showpiece of the ruling AKP and could come about with large-scale state support in the form of tax breaks, among other things.

In 2022 the first TOGG cars must be visible on the road. There must also be a nationwide charging network in Turkey by that time.

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World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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