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EU agreement a Pyrrhic victory for Dutch PM Rutte


Not everyone in the House of Representatives is enthusiastic about the outcome of the European summit. “Rutte has bowed to his knees,” says PVV leader Wilders. He thinks that 390 billion euros in subsidies will come, while the Netherlands did not want that.

“Together with the European multi-year budget, this amounts to 1800 billion euros,” says the PVV leader. “The Netherlands stands for 6 percent and guarantees. That is 108 billion euros! Madness! Throwed out billions that we should have spent in our own country. ”

The VVD approves that there is an agreement. “An agreement on how we help each other in Europe to deal with the consequences of the corona crisis,” group leader Dijkhoff writes in a long account on Facebook. “Because even if the corona and economic damage is great in countries such as Italy and Spain, just sending money helps Europe, the Netherlands does not help any further. And we are not going to do that. ” Dijkhoff believes that the condition is met that countries that now claim subsidies should keep their pants up in the event of a subsequent crisis. “Despite strong discussion, we have succeeded in not only helping short-term people who are struggling, but linking it to reforms that are not fun, but are needed.”

The agreement is proof that we in Europe are “solidarity and responsible with each other” and ensures that Europe comes out of the crisis stronger, says CDA MP Slootweg.

“Certainly now that we are seeing the virus rekindle, it is important to combat the crisis decisively. In addition, conditions have also been set for the longer term that are good for the Netherlands and for a strong Europe. ”

D66 speaks of a “historic deal with major new steps in European integration”. Group leader Jetten praises Prime Minister Rutte for breaking taboos, such as joint debts and European taxes.

The SP sees it differently. “Rutte has caved in Brussels,” said Member of Parliament Alkaya. “On behalf of the Netherlands, he signs for a megalomaniacal EU fund as large as the Dutch economy. Many editions have nothing to do with corona. European Commission is abusing a crisis and, with the agreement of the Netherlands, will spend more money. ”

GroenLinks sees “still a lot of room for improvement” because the ambition for “a green and joint recovery from the corona crisis” has been revised downwards, according to MEP Eickhout. He is particularly disappointed that the demands to uphold the rule of law have weakened. D66 also finds the result in this area “too weak”.

“Countries such as Hungary and Poland have been ignoring the rule of law for too long,” says Jetten.

The SGP calls the agreement “at best a kind of Pyrrhic victory for Rutte”. “I am not positive about this agreement,” said MP Bishop. He sees a few “gifts” for the Netherlands, such as the 1.9 billion discount on the annual payment, but questions the emergency brake on the expenditure that Rutte has negotiated.

“To what extent will this super emergency brake work? The recovery fund subsidies cost the Netherlands 15 billion euros, without guarantees of reforms. ”

Forum for Democracy calls the deal “a historic step in the wrong direction.”

“The Netherlands became part of a debt union this morning.” The party points out that the southern European countries wanted 500 billion in subsidies. “It became 390 billion. Rutte therefore gave Southern Europe almost 80 percent of what it demanded, ”the party argues.

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World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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Ireland and Cyprus have one thing in common. The most beautiful islands are divided. Even proportions are strikingly similar. Both nations strive for unity and a good glass of the news.

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