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More opposition of shareholders to board policy


Shareholders are increasingly voting against proposals from the board of Dutch listed companies or indicating that they will do so. As a result of this, companies are already removing proposals prior to shareholders’ meetings (AGM) from the agenda. That concludes the interest group of institutional investors Eumedion after an evaluation of the meetings last spring.

Huawei is still banned in US


China’s Huawei is still blacklisted by the US government despite President Donald Trump’s promise to lift the blockade against the telecom giant. This is stated in an internal memo from the US Department of Commerce, viewed by Reuters news agency. According to insiders, it is a sign of confusion about the status of Huawei.

Ford factory in Bridgend will be closed in the next year


The American car manufacturer Ford Motor wants to close its engine plant in Bridgend in the UK at the end of next year. The automaker confirmed earlier reports about an impending closure of the location. Ford starts a first consultation round. Trade unions announced earlier that they would oppose the measure with all their might.

AEX seeks support


After the strong decline in recent weeks, stock market indicator AEX is trying to find a floor around 538 points. Technical analysts are divided as to whether this will succeed.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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