World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

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Dublin Citywest hotel becomes temporary hospital and quarantine zone


As tourists left the country hotels are looking for another use of their accommodation facilities. As the nation braces for massive impact with corona virus hotels are changing to the improvised temporary hospitals and quarantine zones. Citywest complex is rapidly changing its hotel to 750-bed hospital. The conference hall becomes stepdown care for recovering patients.

First Aer Lingus plane delivers masks and protective eyewear


China with its planed economy was able to mobilize every company to fend off the shortage of the personal protection items intended to use during the COVID-19 outbreak. As things seem to be getting better in China the excess of PPE (personal protective equipment) is shipped across the world. Airbus delivers four million face masks to Spain and France. Meanwhile the Irish national airline operator...

Airbus delivered 4 million masks


Aircraft maker Airbus has flown 4 million medical masks from China to Spain. The French company has organized an airlift between Europe and China to provide protective equipment for medical personnel.

Pope gave an urbi et orbi speech before the empty square


Pope Francis – confronting a deserted square – has given his blessing to the city of Rome and the World from the steps in front of St. Peter’s cathedral. A unique event, because the urbi et orbi is usually reserved for a few specific occasions: at Christmas and Easter and just after the election of a new pope.

French consumer confidence fell slightly


Consumer confidence in France fell slightly in March. The French statistics office reported this. It should be noted, however, that the investigation was largely conducted before major measures were announced to curb the corona pandemic.

Eurozone recession expected, GDP to fall 2 percent


Eurozone and UK economies are shrinking 2 percent this year. Credit rating agency S&P Global makes this estimate. The researchers at the leading credit rating agency point to, among other things, the sharply rising costs of coping with the corona crisis. At the beginning of March, S&P Global still anticipated 0.5 percent growth in the eurozone economy.

World, As Seen from the most beautiful islands: Ireland and Cyprus

From Trinity st. to Limassol, Cyprus

Ireland and Cyprus have one thing in common. The most beautiful islands are divided. Even proportions are strikingly similar. Both nations strive for unity and a good glass of the news.

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