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SEC investigates failed WeWork IPO


The American stock market watchdog SEC investigates whether the WeWork office space provider has violated the rules in the run-up to his canceled IPO. The Bloomberg news agency reports this based on insiders.

Three ways Spain was torn apart by the elections


A large Spanish home improvement store sells a doormat with the text “Bienvenido a la rep├║blica independiente de mi casa”. Welcome to the independent republic of my house. It is a phrase that gives a perfect insight into the Spanish soul – especially after Sunday’s elections.

Lufthansa Q3 profits fall down further


The German aviation giant Lufthansa closed the third quarter of the year with less profit. Among other things, the company saw the effects of cost savings being offset by lower ticket prices. The latter is the result of the fierce competition on the European aviation market. The company also has more to spend on fuel.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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