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Michael O’Leary got a bonus despite protests


Almost half of all Ryanair shareholders voted against the remuneration of CEO Michael O’Leary. A tight majority of 50.5 percent gave the green light for a performance bonus at the shareholders’ meeting. That could provide O’Leary with almost 99 million euros.

That’s what they do learn in mosques


Children at Salafist mosque schools learn that people with a different religion or belief deserve the death penalty. They also learn to turn away from Dutch society and the principles of equality and freedom. There are such schools in Ede (two) and Apeldoorn (one).

Trade union: Ryanair to close four bases in Spain


Ryanair will close four bases in Spain starting from the new year. This concerns the bases in Las Palmas, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gerona. The Spanish trade union USO has announced this. According to the union, Ryanair informed this by e-mail while the union was in discussion with representatives of the airline about limiting the nuisance caused by a strike planned for September.

No peace between KLM and trade unions in sight


KLM does not understand the attitude of the unions, which, according to the company, prefer to take action instead of conducting consultations about an “improved collective labor agreement proposal”. According to KLM, a meeting outside the collective agreement table was planned at the request of the unions, so that the trade union movement could then determine whether and how it would...

Arran terrorizes the Majorca’s tourist industry


On the Spanish holiday island of Majorca, the extreme left-wing action group Arran inflicted vandalism on rental cars in protest against mass tourism on the island. The group posted videos on the internet showing that masked men were breaking two rental cars with hammers. They also use graffiti and punctured the tires. The police is investigating the case.

Hundreds of jobs gone at Ryanair


At budget fighter Ryanair hundreds of jobs are at risk. Irish society sees expansion plans being confused by, among other things, brexit problems and the problems with the Boeing 737 MAX devices that are being held on the ground for safety reasons worldwide.

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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