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Aselle Tasmagambetova’s Telli brand boutique: shopping inside the apple tree


Back in 2008 Aselle Tasmagambetova created Telli brand of organic shops which has succeeded in Kazakhstan new cityscape. The idea was new and unproven for the market but Aselle has done much work for it to be accepted surprisingly well. Telli shop is popular destination for those who seek organic brands and refreshment. Each of two shops consists of cosmetics and perfume department, beauty...

China wants to drive more electric cars


China is speeding up with the ‘greening’ of its enormous fleet. In 2020, a quarter of the new cars must be fully electric, or a hybrid car with or without a plug. That the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced in new plans.

Aselle Tasmagambetova spoke about the fate of Caspian Seal at «Caspian Dialogue 2019» forum


International Caspian Economic forum «Caspian Dialogue 2019» has been held yesterday in Moscow. Participating states have offered their innovative projects dedicated to the environmental conservation of Caspian sea. Aselle Tasmagambetova, the president of «Saby» foundation took part in the forum as the speaker for Kazakhstan. She presented the report on the Caspian seal. The population of this...

World, As Seen from Trinity Street, Dublin, Ireland

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